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Pete Cashmore - "Mashable Media Summit"

Sharing a YouTube video below from Mashable Media Summit presented by AT&T.  Enjoy the opportunity to hear Mashable CEO, Pete Cashmore and others on advances in mobile technology.

Liface.- Takes To The Streets Of Seattle...

Ran across this fun video from Liface's YouTube Channel - They took to the streets of Seattle with one question and came up with an assortment of answers as diverse as the people they polled.

"Hey Seattle! What song are you listening to?" from Liface.

Speaking Of "Personal Branding"

Businesses create identity for their products or services through branding and yes you can even brand you. I listened in on the topic of “Personal Branding” with Kim Crumpler of Uniquely Savvy Inc speaking at an event I attended recently with Lori Richardson of Score More Sales.

I happen to catch Kim’s “Brand Statement’ on video which represents only a few seconds from Uniquely Savvy’s overall time at the podium but these few seconds could become a talking business card of sorts because her message is clear and concise.

To create an example for this post I made a few slight revisions to the original snippet background [top] and added text to demonstrate the general idea [lower] of how an edit or two can help transform a simple video clip into a virtual business card. Add a logo, corresponding colors and detail to further compliment your brand.